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At Vessel Pilates, our mission is to cultivate a welcoming, non-judgmental and supportive space for women, helping them heal through the power of movement, nourishing food and self-care. 

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Meet Crystal! She is a member here at Vessel Pilates and has such an inspiring story to tell. Read a little more about Crystal below! Q. Tell us a little about yourself. I’m a mom of 4 busy kiddos and I’ve been a NICU nurse for the last 7 years. Those itty bitty NICU babies […]

Is Pilates safe during pregnancy? What are the benefits? We get asked these questions often when it comes to Perinatal Pilates. Not only is it safe to practice Pilates throughout your pregnancy, it is also beneficial in supporting your growing body through pregnancy, labor, delivery, and beyond. What exactly are the benefits? Here are some […]

We all have special moments linked to food. Food is what brings us together time and time again. When we celebrate or mourn, we come together to nourish our bodies with food that keeps our bodies and souls healthy. We receive food to celebrate when we have a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, a first […]

With August being Breastfeeding Awareness Month, we wanted to support those breastfeeding mamas out there with what we do best, help you move better in your body. So what better way to do that than to introduce some of our favorite moves to release tension from nursing and build up strength in the muscles needed […]

Our bodies are very complex consisting of many systems that work together. When we encounter environmental pollutants and exposed to toxins both in our food from cancer-causing chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides, and in our homes, our body’s natural method of removing toxins might need additional support. The body naturally removes toxins and heavy metals through […]


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