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At Vessel Pilates, our mission is to cultivate a welcoming, non-judgmental and supportive space for women, helping them heal through the power of movement, nourishing food and self-care. 

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A huge thank you to all who support us here at Vessel Pilates! We appreciate your kindness and look forward to teaching you in the New Year!  


The holidays are a time for celebration and fun.  Between Christmas parties, baking goodies, and making sure you’ve checked everyone off your list, eating healthy and trying to squeeze in some movement can be difficult. So we decided to ask Vessel Pilates Owner and Lead Pilates Teacher, Jessica, to share her methods for staying on […]


Holidays can be a time of stress or a time of joyful giving. Making the list of people in your life to shop for, then figuring out what to get each one might be daunting, so here are a few of our favorite brands that make the perfect gifts for relatives, friends, teachers, and anyone […]


“The breath is remarkable. You can learn a lot from the breath. It is profoundly wise. It’s true that every emotion, physical condition, resistance, disturbance, or tension you have is connected to your breath. Do you ever notice that you are holding your breath? Remember what you do when you are afraid, or tense, or […]


When I first learned about modern day skincare and the toxins found in them, I was shocked. How on earth do manufacturers allow harmful and sometimes cancer causing chemicals in the products we use every day?!? Not to mention, why does the FDA not ban these toxins we put on our skin and use in […]



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