Rebounding: Jump Your Way to Better Health

Rebounding is a type of exercise performed on a mini trampoline that provides low impact, aerobic exercise that can be beneficial in so many ways. One of the best things about rebounding is that you gain health benefits while jumping, dancing, and enjoying your exercise. It’s a chance to feel like a kid again!

History of Rebounding

In the 1980s, NASA scientists researched ways to help astronauts gain back lost muscle mass after returning from space. Because they had spent so much time without gravity, they needed to build up without hurting themselves further. That’s when scientists discovered how a mini trampoline can be a major game-changer. Since it’s low impact, it doesn’t put strain on your joints like running or jumping on a hard surface. It also provides aerobic activity so the astronauts could get their hearts pumping. It was a win-win!

Benefits of Rebounding

There are SO many benefits of rebounding that affect all areas of your life!

  • It increases bone density, which is huge, especially as we age.
  • Rebounding provides 68% more cardiovascular and fat burning than traditional running — in fact, NASA determined that 10 minutes on the rebounder is like running for 33 minutes!
  • Increases balance and control.
  • Strengthens the pelvic floor.
  • It’s a low impact cardio option for those who need a little extra care on the joints. This is also important for those with autoimmune disorders  and adrenal fatigue who may need to take it a little easier when exercising.
  • Kickstarts the lymphatic system to help the body detox.
  • Great for digestion.
  • Builds muscle tone.
  • It’s fun!! And, you can do it inside while catching up on your favorite shows 😉

How to Get Started

Wednesday mornings at Vessel, we have a great class called Rebound and Align. The first part of the class includes many different styles of fascia release. Then, the class concludes with rebounding and some great conversation! To secure your spot, sign up here.

If you’re interested in rebounding at home, you can buy one for yourself. The Bellicon rebounder is highly rated and what we use in the studio. If you’re looking for something a bit more cost-effective, Amazon carries them and this one has great reviews.

Lauren Roxburgh created The Aligned Life Studio which includes excellent information about fascia release and rebounding. It also has lots of different workout videos to help keep things interesting.

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