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At Vessel Pilates, our mission is to cultivate a welcoming, non-judgmental and supportive space for women, helping them heal through the power of movement, nourishing food and self-care. 

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One of the great thing about our Vessel community is that everyone has something interesting to share. As you’re probably aware, many of us love reading, and one of our members has her own Instagram page dedicated to books!

It’s always such a pleasure to see Huyen at the studio. She has the biggest smile and is probably one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! There is so much to her and once you start a conversation with her, you won’t want it to end!

One of the great things about our member spotlight posts is the opportunity to learn really interesting things about the members we pass every day in the studio. Sheila is a delight to speak with and has such an interesting side that many people probably don’t know about! She not only has interesting stories to share about her family and life here, but you also may have seen her artwork somewhere local or in another state! If you have a chance, please take a few minutes to say hello and learn about just how cool Sheila is!

Oh, Laurie! She is so much fun to be around and always has something interesting to share! She knows so many people in the community and is a brilliant entrepreneur. If you’re a small business owner or live in King’s Point, you’ve likely run into her on a regular schedule. If not, we hope you’ve seen her, or will see her, around the studio and say hi! Continue reading to get to know her a little bit better!

This week, we are learning about Tanya Johnson. She is so dedicated to her time at Vessel and it has made an impression on others in the studio— so much so that she came recommended as this month’s spotlight from another member! Meeting her has been a pleasure and it’s amazing to hear how much she has gained during her time with us! Feel free to stop by and say hello when you see her, we promise you’ll feel right at home talking to her.


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