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At Vessel Pilates, our mission is to cultivate a welcoming, non-judgmental and supportive space for women, helping them heal through the power of movement, nourishing food and self-care. 

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Remember that Instapot you bought a few years back? You may not have pulled it out for a while, but this is an easy meal that takes less than five minutes of prep and is perfect for all ages.

This week, we are learning about Tanya Johnson. She is so dedicated to her time at Vessel and it has made an impression on others in the studio— so much so that she came recommended as this month’s spotlight from another member! Meeting her has been a pleasure and it’s amazing to hear how much she has gained during her time with us! Feel free to stop by and say hello when you see her, we promise you’ll feel right at home talking to her.

Earth Day is such a great reminder that we only have one planet and it’s our job to take care of it. Vessel is passionate about doing its part to help protect our beautiful planet and make it a healthier place to live.

Jessica, our wonderful Vessel owner, found herself struggling with many different health issues and decided to reach out to a functional medicine doctor and take control of her health. Below is her experience and how working with a professional who focuses on the whole body has completely changed her life and perspective.

For those who are navigating the wellness community, you may have heard the term “functional” or “integrative” medicine. Functional medicine is a type of medical care that is different from the traditional, western practice and it’s becoming more and more popular for many dealing with health issues, especially autoimmune disorders. If you’re struggling with health issues and looking for a different approach to your healthcare, this may be an area to explore.


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