Sustaining Our Earth

Simple ways to take care of yourself and your planet

April 22nd is Earth Day. This globally celebrated Earth Day is a chance to recognize how we can play a part in taking care of our planet each day. Even little changes can make a big impact on what goes into and, in turn, comes out of the ground.

At Vessel, we strive to take care of our bodies as a whole, and that begins with investing in products that can also help the environment. Whether it’s turning to reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones or wearing natural face products, small changes can help our planet and our bodies!

Favorite Sustainable Products


You may have seen our post about our favorite skincare products. Each of the products we listed is also environmentally friendly. Some of those included Nash Jones, Tree to Tub, True Bontanicals, and many more. Each of these companies have a mission to create sustainable and good-for-your-skin products, so you’re doing everyone a favor by using them.


We love the Girlfriend Collective line that we sell at Vessel. They make adorable clothing and everything is made from recycled water bottles! You would never guess it based off the feel, though. The material is soft and supportive. You’ll definitely want to give it a try. Some other great earth-friendly brands include Threads 4 Thought, Altar, and WE-AR.


Grove Collaborative is a great subscription company that sells thousands of good-for-you and good-for-the-planet products. It sells anything from skincare to make up to cleaning products. One of the most versatile products we have found (and use in the studio) is Dr. Bronner’s pure-castile liquid soap. It can be used for practically anything.

Glass bottles are great for making your own household cleaning products. We use amber glass bottles in the studio, but these from Grove are cute and colorful as well! When you make your own cleaning supplies, you aren’t wasting plastic each time you run out! To make it easy, Grove even has pre-made concentrate that you can use to measure out exactly what you need. You can find it at Target as well!

Essential oils are another great item for the household. You can make your own scents in a diffuser instead of buying candles and burning harmful things into the air. It’s much cleaner for the environment and better for your health. Essential oils also have huge health benefits!

Easy Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

There are many ways to make little lifestyle change that can directly impact the environment and your health. Here is a short list we have gathered for you.

  • Switch to a reusable water bottle,
  • Use real dishes instead of disposable (and if you do use disposable, try paper not Styrofoam),
  • Take reusable grocery sacks with you. If you forget, try to find a way to re-use the plastic bags,
  • Make your own household cleaners,
  • Try diffusing essential oils instead of burning candles,
  • Recycle all those Amazon boxes,
  • Try switching up your skincare routine to more natural products as you run out, and
  • Start learning more about sustainable companies and see how you can support them.

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