Bearing Fruit

The meaning of life is to find your worth. The purpose of life is to give it away.

Pablo Picasso

In keeping with the growth theme for this month, it’s a great time to look at ourselves and see how we can bear fruit for others. Sometimes we are really hard on ourselves. We don’t think we have much to offer, we feel like we aren’t really anything special, and we tend to tell ourselves lies that make us feel inferior. Why do we do that?

We were created with our own special gifts to share with others. When we begin to dwell on what we think is wrong with us or what isn’t ever good enough, we tend to gloss over the amazing things we have to offer others. Have you ever noticed that when you build up someone else, you actually feel better about yourself? Isn’t that beautiful? When we make those around us feel more whole, it actually makes us more whole as well.

What beautiful things do you have to offer? Take a little time to write down five things that make you unique and special. Then, read them to yourself — out loud. When you speak the words, it helps you accept and believe them more.

Each morning, take some time to look in the mirror and remind yourself of those five things. If you start your day on a positive note, you’re more likely to see the positive around you. Allow yourself to spend this little bit of time because you’re worth it.

Now that you’ve discovered your fruit, it’s time to bear it. Show it off to the world. Help others discover their worth and beauty. You are amazing and meant to share your light with others. Don’t forget it!

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