Planner Perks – Why You Should Invest in One Today

The summer is ending and it’s time to get back to routine. How do you like to organize your to-dos? Are you a more of a paper planner person or do you prefer to use your phone? Or, are you one of those gifted people who seldom forget what you have planned and don’t need to write (or type) it down?

For those of you who remember all your appointments or don’t need to physically write something out, you’re amazing! The rest of us, though, may need a little help. And, while remembering to-dos is great, there is actually a lot you may be missing out on by not using a physical planner.

Health Benefits

There are so many ways that using a paper planner can be beneficial to your mental and physical health. Benefits range from tracking daily activities to reduce stress to improving learning and boosting memory!

Psychology Today wrote an article about how using a daily planner can help in more ways than just staying organized. It explained how it can even help you be more creative by allowing a space to write down mandatory thoughts so you have more room for creative ones.

Many of us stress about schedules and how to make everything we want to do fit into our lives. By using a physical planner, we can turn actual pages and see our schedule as a whole instead of a segmented time period. When we take a bird’s eye view, we are less overwhelmed because we see space and freedom in that schedule. This action helps us with time management and also gives us a chance to see where we have openings in our days.

In addition to tracking our daily schedules, many planners also include sections for tracking our health and wellness. These offer an all-in-one place to keep tabs on our medications, water-intake, diets, and daily movement. This keeps us accountable and in charge of our everyday health.

Our Wellness Planners

Creekside Press and Vessel Pilates collaborated to bring this gorgeous wellness planner to you.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive planner to help you get a jump on the upcoming season, you need to check out the gorgeous planners we have at Vessel. We worked in collaboration with Creekside Press to create this stunning planner that has everything you could want to keep you on track.

Not only do these planners have a luxurious feel and design, but they will make you want to take time each day to plan, track, and record.

There is plenty of room to organize your month with the monthly spreads, and you also have a spot to track out a more specific daily schedule.

Not Your Everyday Planner

In addition to organizing your schedule, this planner also offers pages with goal creation, mood trackers, vision boards, and mindfulness coloring. Planners aren’t just for organization — they help you take control of your mental health as well.

When it comes to physical health, you can use the meal planning section and food diary. You can also keep track of medications and doctor visits. It even has a movement and sleep tracker section to make sure you are on top of two extremely important aspects of your physical health.

There are so many extra sections this planner has to offer whether you’re interested in a reading tracker, financial planning, help building a morning or evening routine, or even writing exercises. It has it all and more!

You can order from our boutique page (or come into the shop) and get started right away! The biggest decision you’ll have to make is whether you want a gorgeous neutral or a classic black.

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