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Kelsey is a movement specialist, entrepreneur, self-care aficionado and proponent of balanced living. She has built her brand, including Move With Studio, Move With Experiences and Move With Studio On-Demand under the tenets that movement is life and life is movement. “It really is all about what moves you to live your best life,” says KW.

Kelsey is a BASI certified Pilates teacher, Master Barre Instructor, and Level 3 Fascial Stretch Therapist. She served as co-founder and Director of Instruction at Maiden Lane Studios, which under her leadership became the premiere boutique studio in San Francisco. She also has an extensive background as an NCAA college athlete, university professor, and a stint in sales for a Fortune 500 company, and credits her ability to think big to the diversity of these experiences.

She now owns and operates Move With Studio in the East Bay of California and shares her ethos of conscious movement with international clientele of all backgrounds, from those new to the Pilates method to students rehabbing from major injuries and professional athletes.As a teacher, her instruction celebrates movement that connects mind with body. Her practice is centered around developing strength and physical awareness that lead one to live life with increased poise, flexibility, and confidence.

Jessica and Kelsey have bonded over the years through their shared passion for mindful movement, holistic wellness and self-care. They first met back in 2018 in New York City with The Teacher Collective, where they met other inspiring Pilates teachers from all areas and backgrounds. They have kept in touch over the years, sharing favorite skincare products, holistic wellness supplements, and lifestyle routines to further live a healthier life. Jessica and Kelsey then reunited at Move With Experiences Retreat in January of this past year.

We sent Kelsey a couple little questions to learn more about her personally and here is what she said….

Q. How did you get started in teaching Pilates and movement?

A. I found Pilates through the need to rehab my knee after a major surgery that ended my collegiate volleyball career in 2005. A few years later I decided to get certified because I loved the modality and what it did for my body and mind, as well as the idea of being able to have a “trade” while I figured out what I wanted to do with my life in my 20s. Little did I know back then, that was the tipping point for my career and life purpose.  

Q. If you had a full day to do the ultimate self-care, what would it entail?

A. Ohhhh there are so many options! A day of uninterrupted self-care would include waking up in the morning to coffee in bed and an Abraham Hicks meditation. After that I would love to have a private Pilates session with one of my favorite teachers then go for a hike at one of my favorite Bay Area spots. Then after the physical activity I would love to finish up the day with a restorative Fascial Stretch Therapy session followed by a delicious dinner and a glass of wine. 

Q. How has this time changed the way you approach and teach mindful movement?

A. Being that so much of my teaching is now either hands off and/or virtual I have had to rely on my clients to have more autonomy over their bodies and know what feels right for them versus me constantly correcting form. It has definitely taken some time for me to adjust to this, but I do feel that this will be beneficial to my clients in the long run. 

Q. What have you learned most about yourself during this time?

A. The last 7 months has shown me how truly resilient I am, and that even when it seems that all the doors are closing around me I can create new pathways for myself. 

Q. What is one piece of advice you can give others during this season?

A. Take one day at a time!

More great things will be coming in the future for this beautiful lady, so follow along Kelsey’s journey and check out her studio here!

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