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I remember the exact moment I was introduced to the Pilates Reformer. I was 6 months postpartum after having my first baby and up until this point had been doing various workout videos at home since heading to a workout class with a newborn was not an option. I needed to get out. I needed social interaction. I needed something that I could fall in love with to help me feel like my pre-baby self again.

Insert my dear friend, Annie, who told me about this Pilates Reformer class she had been taking since her little boy was born. She lived in the city, so traveling 35 minutes to join her at 5:30am wasn’t going to happen on sleep deprivation. I searched our area to see if I could find this amazing class that she spoke so highly of that “worked her core out better than she had ever seen before.” I thought to myself, “I need a core!”

Being in a little city outside of Houston, I found only two locations that had Pilates Reformer classes and thankfully one offered childcare. I signed up for my first class and never looked back. About a month after I started going regularly, I found out we were pregnant with baby number two. I was excited to know that this was something I could do throughout my pregnancy safely that also benefited my pregnant body.

At the time I really saw the fitness benefits and changes it made to my own body, but it wasn’t until I started learning what Pilates was all about during instructor training that I saw the benefits on a whole other level. Sharing how Pilates changed my body and outlook on life sparked my passion as an instructor. I couldn’t learn enough or get enough. I still feel that way. I think that is my favorite part about Pilates. I am always learning and finding different ways to implement it into my daily life. The Reformer will always be my love, but these days I try to incorporate a variety of apparatuses and props to keep challenging my body.

As a mom to now three little ones, the self-care and therapy side of Pilates keeps me sane throughout our busy schedule. It can only be compared to putting the oxygen mask on first while flying on an airplane. I’ve found that making time for myself daily, even just 10 minutes of doing pilates on a foam roller or hopping on the reformer, really helps my body, mind, and spirit. The increased oxygen flow, the happy hormones being released throughout my body. I feel like I can conquer the day! Life is messy and being a perfectionist the messiness was really hard for me to accept after having kids. But when I really try to take care of myself, I am a better wife and mom because of it.

I am truly excited to have the opportunity to share my passion with others, helping those who need a little more self-care and movement in their lives. Whether you are a new mom, have older kids, or not quite there yet, Pilates is beneficial for everyone. I’m here to support you and help your body move better in your day to day life. I invite you to come move with me!

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