Tips For Surviving Summer Heat

We are currently experiencing record-breaking heat in Houston and it’s not even August! Since we’re nearing the hottest month of the year, it’s important to keep in mind some ways to survive the summer heat.

Daily Reminders

  • Wear sunscreen when you go out – even while driving.
  • Start the day with water and continue until bedtime.
  • Drink electrolytes if you’re going to be outdoors to help retain necessary hydration.
    • Some of our favorites are LMNT and Cure.
  • Eat hydrating foods.
    • Watermelon is a summer staple! It contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals that help with hydration and heat recovery.
  • Exercise outside during the cooler times of day.
    • The hottest time of day in Houston begins around 3pm. Try to plan workouts around that time. Or come to Vessel and try an indoor workout!
  • Dress for the heat.
    • Leggings are great, but they can be hot. Try some of our adorable summer clothes that are loose-fitting and allow airflow. Also, wear layers. It’s super hot outside but indoors can be chilly right now.

Sunscreen Brands We Love

We hear all the time how important it is to wear sunscreen every day, and that’s absolutely correct. However; it’s also important to look at the ingredients in your sunscreen. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so we want to make sure we’re not doing more harm than good. These are a few brands that we believe are good for your skin and provide great protection.

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