Soundbath and Meditation

Bowls and chimes are used in a Soundbath Meditation class to provide ambient noise to aid in creating a meditative state.

Many people today have trouble quieting their brain. We are constantly thinking about our to-do list, what we are making for dinner, or the conversation we had earlier that rubbed us the wrong way. If we take time to try and meditate, it’s like our brains take that as a cue to overthink. Soundbath and Meditation is a great class to try if you need something to help you let go of all the extra thoughts.

So What Is Soundbath and Meditation?

Sarah Larson is our Soundbath and Meditation teacher at Vessel and the class is incredible! She uses soundbowls and chimes to aid in raising a person’s vibration while creating clarity and peace during the meditation. Basically, she uses sound to help release thoughts of the outside world so you can connect internally.

When asked how to describe her class, Sarah said it’s “a space where you can let go of the day to day worries and set up a space for your world. You can go within, connect to yourself, release tensions and doubts, and just be for 50 minutes. It creates the opportunity to let go and give yourself time to slow down — to see your reality.”

Does It Really Work?

To get a better idea of how Soundbath and Meditation has influenced our members, we reached out to Jenny Garnett for her thoughts on the class. This is what she had to say:

“The first few times I attended Sarah’s meditation class, I felt awkward just lying on floor and my mind was wondering in and out. Over time, I’ve made myself more comfortable. I started by wearing a sweater and socks so I wasn’t cold. Then, I added a bolster so my back didn’t hurt and an eye mask so my eyes stay closed without effort. Now that I am comfortable, I can better focus on what Sarah is saying and listen to the sounds of the bowls and chimes.

I really noticed a difference after about my fifth session. I was feeling completely overwhelmed planning for my vacation and getting everything done before we leave. During the meditation, my mind was wondering; however, it was productive wondering — almost like I was prioritizing what was important. When we finished I was so much happier and relaxed.

Now, when I feel my anxiety coming on, I take a deep breath, and if it’s something I cannot do now, I store it away for when I can. It sounds simple, but it’s something I am not good at doing. I can’t wait to see where this journey with Sarah leads. It is changing me and my habits each week.”

While the class itself is incredibly soothing, it’s wonderful to hear how it can influence life outside of the studio as well! For those looking for a starting point for meditation, Soundbath and Meditation may be the way to go.

How Can I Try It?

Check our web page to see when you can fit in one of our Soundbath and Meditation classes. If you’re interested in doing a pop-up class with us on a Saturday, let us know as well! Sarah’s passion about meditation and energy is flowing off of her in every way and she’s more than happy to work with you to help you learn to control yours!

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