Member Spotlight: Rachel

Q. Tell us a little about yourself.

A. I am a mom to Koen and Khloe and wife to Keaton. My husband and I have been married for 13 years in April and we’ve lived in Kingwood for 9 years.  I love to read, watch my kids play sports and travel with my family. I’m originally from Sugar Land and graduated from Texas A&M University. 

Q. Before joining Vessel Pilates, have you ever practiced pilates before? If so, what type of Pilates and what was your initial thought?

A. I tried a pilates class at the country club when we first moved to Kingwood. It wasn’t with any equipment other than a mat, and that was all I thought pilates was until I tried my first class at the studio almost 2 years ago. I had never seen a reformer before and I was instantly intrigued and the reformer classes are still my favorites. 

Q. What is your favorite part of being a member at Vessel Pilates?

A. The people/community!  I have never worked out anywhere else that makes me feel this relaxed and comfortable right when I walk in, and that happened from my very first class. The fact that the classes are smaller and more hands on really allows you to learn the movements, make the right adjustments for your body, and get to know the people around you.  

Q. If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go? Why?

A. We love to camp and get outdoors as a family, and we even bought a camper last summer and took off to Colorado and then Wyoming to visit the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks.  With all the travel restrictions being as they are still,  I’d have to say I’d choose to get out and explore more in the US.

Q. How do you stick to a workout routine? Any tips you can share with other members?

A. Oh gosh, so this is tough with the pandemic and everything else that keeps happening lately!  Honestly- I feel my best when I’m active, but my routine has been shaken up quite a bit since last March (like everyone else’s), with lots of stops and restarts.  I’ve had to give myself alot of grace and just focus on getting back when I can.  Being in the studio 3-5 times a week just keeps my body and mind centered.  I find myself craving that feeling and that’s what helps me the most. 

Rachel, thank you so much for being such a huge part of our VP community and family. It has been such an honor and pleasure to get to see you in the studio and grow with you along this journey! You are amazing and such an inspiration to us all here at Vessel! XOXO!

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