Member Spotlight: Anika Foreman

This month’s member spotlight is all about Anika Foreman. She has been with Vessel since pretty much the beginning and you can find her at the studio almost every day that we are open! She is so dedicated and a pure joy to have around. Let’s take a couple minutes to learn a little more about her!

Tell us a little about yourself. Name, background, family, etc…

A little bit about myself! Well my name is Anika, and I was born in Las Vegas, NV in the latter half of the ‘70s. My parents were Beni and Corene Casselle whom I love dearly and miss every day. Beni and Corene had four children, I was the second. I have an older brother who lives in Washington D.C. and two younger brothers who live in Chicago and Miami.

I came to Texas in 1995 to attend college. Soon after moving here, I met my husband George soon after. We married three years later. In 1998, we welcomed our oldest daughter Pamela. Her sister, Brooke, came along four years later. Pam graduated from the University of Texas San Antonio in 2020 and is currently deciding which graduate school she will attend. Brooke just finished her freshman year at Baylor University. My girls are my reason and I am so proud of them and my family.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I wonder if I even have “free time” or is my life considered “free time” if I have no obligations or expectations? The first thing I do is take a deep breath and be thankful. Sometimes, I may take a nap while playing a peaceful, relaxing and restoring video on YouTube!

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? 🙂


If you zoom in to my ice cream name @MOIC it is Bubblegum 😉😂

Do you have an interesting fact you’d like to share?

I hope to take yoga teacher training course someday soon. Yoga is my meditation! I want to learn the foundations to deepen my practice.

What brought you to Vessel Pilates and how did it stand out to you?

I drove by the studio one day. The look of it intrigued me. Little did I know the outside had nothing at all on the inside.

How long have you been going to Vessel?

I started Vessel Pilates in July 2019!

How often do you attend classes?

Currently, I am attending classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays!

If you were to describe our studio to someone who had never heard of it, what would you say?

Vessel Pilates is the most beautiful studio I have ever seen. The instructors make you feel so comfortable and welcome. There are numerous classes that are challenging fun serene and so beneficial.

Some of the classes are reformer, barre, yoga, tower and chair, roll and release, rebounder, Theragun release, TRX suspension, Pilates and, my personal favorite, sound bath and meditation.

The various instructors have their own style from great playlists to challenging sessions to must-attend 8:30am classes on several different days. This variety is unique to the entire Vessel experience and, in my opinion, ensures a workout that you may not find elsewhere.

Something unique to Vessel is their infrared sauna. The space is so amazing. The sauna alone has so many health benefits. And, there’s a shower and ample changing space so you can freshen up after you use it.

Vessel is an amazing community with a wealth of knowledge from its students, instructors and the wonderful owner.

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  1. TL Casselle says:

    Wow what an amazing spotlight on an amazing phenomenal woman! Anika sounds strong, purposeful and powerful. She is also beautiful inside and out! This definitely sounds like an ideal studio for health and wholeness! If Anika is your walking advertisement…. I must experience Vessel!


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