Class Spotlight – Power Yoga Flow

Each of our classes offer something special for our members. Our class spotlight posts will give you all a chance to learn more about our instructors, what each class entails, and how you can benefit from making it part of your routine! This month’s focus is the Tuesday morning Power Yoga Flow class taught by Rosary.

Instructor Background

Rosary is certified in Yoga, Baby/Toddler and Kids Yoga, and Core Strength Vinyasa

Rosary discovered a love for yoga while in college and has continued to practice ever since. She loved it so much that she decided to become a registered instructor in 2015 through Holy Yoga. Since she spends the majority of her time with her three young boys, she continued her yoga training by becoming certified in Baby/Toddler and Kids yoga. She also received in a specialization in Core Strength Vinyasa through Yoga Shred.

When she is not teaching yoga, Rosary spends her time with her family, reading, doing numerous activities with her church, trying and cooking new foods, and playing soccer.

Class Description

Power Yoga Flow is an active flow class that focuses on syncing your movements with your breath. You will get your heart rate up while also building strength and flexibility.

A typical class begins with breath work and connecting to your body and breath. It then moves into a warm up including spine work and Sun Salutations. Next, you will have a full-body flow that includes moving through various poses and incorporating balances and core exercises. The last part of the class is cool-down and stretching and finally several minutes of Savasana.

Why You Should Try It

This class is a full-body workout that will build plenty of core and shoulder strength. It will get the blood flowing and your heart rate up, but it also works out soreness and tightness with deep stretches the last 20 minutes of class. By building up heat in the body, your muscles are warm and it promotes flexibility without jumping into the poses too quickly.

In addition to the strength and flexibility benefits, you will also find that this class teaches you to notice your body and areas where you may have imbalances. It promotes awareness in your physical, mental, and emotional health so you can find what areas need the most attention. The connection to breath and movement allows you to become in-tune with your body and learn to read what is happening internally.

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