March Matness

Join us!

Vessel is excited to join the annual March Matness event. This worldwide event gives Pilates practitioners a chance to share their practice with others by following a dedicated movement calendar throughout the month of March.

Participants are encouraged to post a picture or video of the daily move and tag it on social media. We will post on our Instagram (@vesselpilates) every day of this challenge. Join us and tag us on whichever social platform you prefer (Instagram or Facebook)! If you decide to join, you’ll be entered to win a prize from Vessel. The more tags, the more times you’ll be entered in our drawing.

Mat Pilates Benefits

There are so many benefits to mat Pilates and it is actually the foundation of the Pilates practice. Best of all, you can do it anywhere and just need yourself and maybe a mat.

The beauty of a mat practice is that it uses your own body weight for resistance. That means you don’t need to guess the correct resistance like you might on a reformer machine. It also improves your core, which is the powerhouse of your body. Without a strong core, nothing else works right.

A mat practice focuses on body control while providing a low-impact full-body workout. Since there is no machine supporting you, you must focus on how each muscle group is working together to hold each pose or movement. This internal awareness encourages much more than a workout, it also teaches you to be more in-tune with your body as a whole.

Mat Pilates is a great way to introduce a new student to the foundations of the practice because there is no distraction from props or machines. At the same time, an advanced student can truly challenge themselves because they are working against gravity to do each move. While machines and props are an excellent addition to your practice, a mat class will never go out of style.

Some March Moves to Look Forward To

Below are some pictures of moves you can look forward to during this challenge. We can’t see what you share! 🙂

Shoulder Bridge (with props) – March 17
The Teaser (modified) – March 21
Leg Pull – March 24

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