Loving Yourself Every Day

Self love isn’t limited to fancy skin care, a healthy diet or indulgences. You can love yourself in so many ways. The important thing is figuring out what gives you that recharge and then making a point to do it daily.

This week, Vessel’s owner, Jessica, was asked to speak to a group of 8th grade girls about Pilates and self care. The girls came up with some amazing ways that they decompress from the day and take some time to “just get out of (their) head”. This post was inspired by those wise young women 🙂

Some of the things discussed during that meeting included:

  • reading a book before bed;
  • listening to music;
  • shooting hoops outside while listening to music ;
  • making a task list for the next day;
  • starting the day with an easy-to-complete task to feel productive at the beginning of the day;
  • going for a walk or run;
  • taking an extra long (and hot) shower; and
  • doing art (painting/drawing/coloring).

Aren’t kids smart?? Adults tend to overthink things and make it too complicated.

Honestly, self love doesn’t have to look fancy or be just like the person next to you. It can be anything from a morning cup of coffee to writing in a journal to making your bed in the morning. It doesn’t have to be expensive or lavish (although it can be!). Self love is really just doing something that fills your cup and allows you to feel a little more whole each day.

Our wish for you is that this week you can find something that helps you truly feel a little more full. Don’t overthink it. Little acts of self love are where it all begins.

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