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Podcasts are so popular these days and there is one for almost any interest. Sometimes, though, having so many options can make it hard to narrow down the choices. In case you’re in a slump and looking for some inspiration, we asked some Vessel staff what’s on their favorites list.

Health and Fitness Podcasts

Wellness Mama – The author of Wellness Mama discusses topics like why you should eat real food, natural living advice, toxins to avoid, sleep, stress, and more. She gives advice on how to improve health for your whole family.

The Betty Rocker Show – A Vessel staff favorite. Betty Rocker is a world-renowned fitness and lifestyle coach that hosts special guests to discuss ways to uplift your mind, love your body, and be amazing.

I’ll Have Another – Lindsey Hein is a sixteen time marathoner and RRCA coach. Her show hosts runners ranging from everyday runners to world record holders. Discussions include day-to-day life, struggles, laughter, and how each runner got where they are.

WHOOP – WHOOP Founder & CEO Will Ahmed speaks with top athletes, scientists, experts, and more to hear what world class athletes do to perform their best. Topics discussed include sleep, recovery, nutrition, training, lifestyle habits, and more.

Maintenance Phase – The tagline for this podcast is “wellness and weight loss, debunked and decoded” and there isn’t a better way to describe it. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Podcasts for Moms

Kindred Conversations – Hosted by two moms who have committed to loving motherhood. They speak with moms going through all different stages to share conversations about how to embrace the joy through it all. With a positive outlook, these moms want to help others see the beauty throughout their journey.

Parenting Great Kids – Dr. Meg Meeker is a pediatrician, mother, and best selling author who converses with experts and parents to discuss raising children in a world that looks completely different from the one they knew as kids. She discusses current issues, answers questions, and tries to provide encouragement for all of today’s parents.


Renew You – The RENEW YOU Podcast is all about honestly and authentically exploring what renewed faith looks like in every area of your life from the perspective of a Jesus-loving wife, mom and marriage and family therapist. From marriage to parenting to friendships to diving into the Bible and everything in between, the RENEW YOU podcast will give you something to think about in a renewed way each week!

God Hears Her – A podcast for women, by women. When you are in the middle of the mess, God is there with you. He hears you and loves you and you are not alone. Hosts Elisa Morgan and Eryn Eddy help you to know there are others who have been where you are. God has met them in their mess and will meet you there too.

Go Get It – Business Inspiration

Heart & Hustle – For anyone who is dreaming of starting a business or already has one, check out Heart and Hustle. Evie and Lindsey provide inspiration, tips, and laughs to help you run your best business ever.

Something to Escape For a Bit

Crime Junkie – For all you true crime lovers out there — this one is for you.

You’re Wrong About – Mike and Sarah are journalists who look at events, people or phenomenons from the past. On their show, they discuss how that particular subject has been miscast by the public and compare it to the actual truth.

By the Book – Ever wonder if that self-help book really works? This podcast tests them out for you. Each episode takes one book and follows its advice completely. By the end of the episode, you know if that book is really worth the hype!

Need a Laugh?

The Villain Was Right – Was the villain really that bad? Sometimes you need to think of it from their perspective. The hosts take villains from popular movies and TV shows and give you a new view on the story.

Celebrity Memoir Book Club – Curious about that latest celebrity memoir? Claire and Ashley are giving you the rundown. It’s basically a funny book report.

Off Book: Improvised Musical – It’s improv and a musical in one place. What could be better?

What Are Your Favorites?

Do you have any favorite podcasts to add to this list? We love hearing about something new! Feel free to share it in the comments!

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