Class Spotlight: Cardio Barre

If you’re looking for a great workout that will tone and burn calories, you should give Hayli’s Cardio Barre class a try. This class incorporates all of the muscle groups and will leave you feeling like you just ran a few miles! Hayli’s athletic background influences this class and those that lean toward a more intense workout will love it! Here is a little more about Hayli and what you can expect from Cardio Barre at Vessel.

Instructor Background

Hayli with Husband Kevin and their three boys.

Hayli is certified in barre, pre/postnatal training, and TRX suspension. She has been a personal trainer and group exercise instructor since 2012. In addition to group fitness and physical training, she is also a certified nutritionist.

After her second child, her Diastasis Recti (DR) and pelvic floor were in pretty bad shape. Because of the strain and weakness from the DR and pelvic floor, she was unable to run (which she loved to do). Hayli turned to barre classes as a way to do high-intensity but low-impact workouts and strengthen and heal her small stability and mobility muscles as well as her core and pelvic floor.

The classes changed her body, essentially healing it, and that’s when her passion began. She wanted to help others experience the same results as her. In 2017, Hayli began training in barre as well as pre/postnatal work. In 2020, she became certified in TRX and pelvic floor healing in 2021. 

When she isn’t at the studio, you can find her playing baseball with her boys Cooper, Nash and Collin. She is living her absolute dream of being a baseball mom and loves to cheer them on in the stands. Born and raised in Georgia, Hayli loves all things country. When she has extra time, she enjoys hiking, running, reading, and spending time outdoors with her family.

Class Description

This class is a great challenge for the body and mind. It works the entire body and incorporates core and pelvic floor work throughout.

Hayli’s class focuses on several strength sections broken up by cardio sections to help improve the cardiovascular system. The goal is to work on the aerobic and anaerobic pathways. It also focuses on the larger muscle groups as well as the small mobility and stability muscles by using correct recruitment to prevent injury and improve posture.

Why You Should Try It

This is definitely a class you’ll want to try if you’re looking for a good burn! You’ll sweat like crazy and notice results quickly! In addition to the great workout and posture/core/pelvic floor benefits, you’ll also get some great discussion and laughs. It’s a class that always has fun!

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