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The next couple of days are supposed to be pretty chilly here and what better way to spend that time than curled up with a great read? The Vessel Team loves a good book and we thought it would be fun to recommend a few of our favorites to you. Each of these have been thoughtfully chosen to give you that cozy vibe and a weekend of escape.

One of our favorite recipe authors!

Food Saved Me by Danielle Walker is a book about her struggle with autoimmune disease and how her fight helped her to find healing through food. It’s a wonderful read about the power of advocating for yourself, listening to your body, fighting for yourself, and relying on support and love from those around you. It also has some delicious recipes included!

If you like well-researched historical fiction with a bit of fantasy, this Scottish-based story is for you. The setting is in a coastal Scottish town and it definitely makes you feel like bundling up while you read it. The Winter Sea is about an American writer who ends up staying near a Scottish castle with the intent to use it as inspiration for her next book. As the story comes to her, she realizes that she may be writing a lot more truth than fiction and as the pieces fall into place, she begins to learn about her own family history as well as a story lost in the 1700s.

If you’re looking for a good thriller mystery, The Last Thing He Told Me will hit the spot. Who doesn’t like a gripping story with twists and turns while sitting down with a steaming cup of coffee and a warm blanket? This is the story about a man named Owen who sends a cryptic message to his wife before disappearing. At the same time as his disappearance, his company is charged with securities fraud. As his wife and stepdaughter set out to find out what happened to him, his past becomes unraveled and his wife has to live up to his last request to her: “Protect Her”.

Persuasion is always a great choice. A lover of classics can’t go wrong with Jane Austen. In this novel, Anne Elliot re-encounters Captain Frederick Wentworth whom she had fallen in love with eight years earlier much to her family’s dismay. After they persuaded her not to marry him because he did not have the wealth or social standing they desired for their daughter, Frederick leaves for France to fight in the Napoleonic Wars. When he returns, he now has rank and money and their paths cross once again. True to form, Jane Austen brings us a novel full of wit and social dynamics that play a huge role in how two former lovers embark on a second chance.

Sometimes poetry is just what the soul needs. A favorite of ours is Dream Work by Mary Oliver. In this book, Mary tackles the spirit and humanity while using nature to truly define these feelings and thoughts. Her metaphors create a visual you are not inclined to forget.

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