Chicken Soup (and broth) For the Pilate Lover’s Soul

Delicious chicken soup and bone broth from one of our favorite recipe creators.

With cold and flu (and COVID) season upon us, it’s an excellent time to give your body some TLC and enjoy a steaming bowl of chicken soup. Whether you’re fighting off something or trying not to catch something, a healing chicken soup can really give you a boost. We love Danielle Walker’s Instant Pot Chicken Soup. It is made with bone broth (the real-deal stuff), immune-building vitamins and minerals from herbs and veggies, and it’s just plain delicious. If you use a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, it cuts the cooking time in half. Bonus: you can save the bones from the chicken and use them to make broth for next time. Danielle Walker has a recipe for homemade bone broth so you don’t even have to search for one.

Have you heard of all the amazing benefits bone broth has to offer?

  • It is filled with collagen protein. Collagen helps your skin, joints and bones stay strong and healthy.
  • Bone broth is great for the gut and digestion. Many people today have gut issues, and since gut is related to the immune system, that means their immune system is also suffering. A healthier gut means a stronger immune system!
  • According to this article from, bone broth may actually help you sleep so you can rest and recover more quickly.
  • It’s also a great, low calorie snack that can help curb cravings since it fills you up and hydrates you.

Not only is chicken soup warming and filled with beneficial nutrients, it also seems to be a crowd-pleaser! Who doesn’t love it? Do you have a favorite chicken soup recipe you would like to share?

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