Class Spotlight: Power Reformer with Sadie

The reformer machine is something that truly does it all. Whether you want to focus on small muscles or large muscles, abs or legs, or even balance, this single machine gives you endless possibilities. And, each instructor will give you an entirely different style class. Next time you see “Reformer” in the class title, take a minute to see who will teach — you’ll find someone for every mood! When it comes to Sadie’s class, you can expect a full body burn!

Instructor Background

Sadie grew up an athlete and that background led her to obtaining a degree in Kinesiology, Athletic Coaching. She began teaching Mat Pop Pilates and Barre before discovering the reformer. After noticing an increase in mobility after just a few weeks of attending classes, she decided to add Reformer to her certifications.

When Sadie is not teaching, she spends time creating and designing new styles her for clothing line ZIZA. She’s also a model, stylist, creative director and photographer! Sadie is also passionate about mental health awareness and active recovery.

Sadie’s certifications include: Pop Pilates Mat, Barre Above, and Duo Pilates Training – Reformer.

Class Description

You can expect a good challenge mentally and physically throughout Sadie’s reformer class. With a mixture of upbeat, fast-paced and balance-based movement, she will challenge you and push you to the limit.

In each class you will experience new levels of core strength, overall full body control, and muscle shaking to breaking points. It is circuit based, so you will start on one side of the body and finish with the other. Throughout the entire class, you’ll move and flow from one thing to the next.

There are options & modifications for almost every single move allowing the class to benefit any level of experience. You will leave knowing you pushed your limits.

Why You Should Try It

The reformer is a great piece of equipment for all levels. In Sadie’s class, you’ll continuously move so that you burn maximum calories while taking advantage of low-impact movements. Her focus on balance is extremely important for core strength and maintaining optimal body control. When you work on balance, you’re not only exercising your body but also your mind.

Sadie loves to challenge her students, and you can definitely expect to push beyond your comfort zone. You will burn calories, tone your muscles, and learn that you’re capable of so much more than you thought.

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