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Do you use essential oils? We love them and one of our instructors, Sarah, knows all about them! We’ve asked her to write a guest post giving a little introduction and offer a few suggestions for oil blends. If you’re interested in learning more, visit her this Saturday at Vessel. She’ll be sharing more information about oil blends at our Shop Small Saturday event!

A Note From Sarah…

Hi, Sarah Larson here, with Walk Up Beyond the Surface. I want to share the magical world of essential oils with you.

My First Introduction to Oils

My family and I have been using essential oils for six years now. With a background in the medical field, I was constantly searching for alternatives for my patients with pain and other ailments. Since I was a new mom at the time, I desperately needed a solution for a chronic ear infection for my infant because his DO was worried that continuing antibiotics would be too harsh on his sweet little tummy. I was at my wits end with no sleep, a crying baby, and no solutions other than antibiotics for an infant.

My first introduction to oils came from a patient battling stage 4 cancer. He decided to discontinue his cancer treatment in an attempt to have a better quality of life. The harsh side effects of multiple rounds of chemo and radiation were too much for him. His wife shared with him the properties of the oils and how to apply them to all of his daily regimens. He used diffusers, topical applications, and tinctures. When doctors told him he would have days to live after getting off of his cancer treatment, he decided to have faith above all.

After I shared my son’s situation with him, his wife mixed up a mixture of a few drops of this and a few drops of that for me. Then, she demonstrated where and how to apply it to my son. She was convinced it would help. At this point I would have tried anything, so I did. When my son slept through the night, I was sold. The oils worked!

I Ordered A Kit For Myself

After my positive experience with my son’s ear infection, I decided to order myself a kit. I had no idea how to use them, but luckily I received a monster textbook with my order so I had some guidance. A few weeks after I received everything, my husband experienced a major migraine that would normally land him in the ER (he’s dealt with them since childhood).

My one year old was sleeping and I was pregnant, so the last thing I wanted to do was pack up and head to the ER. Instead, I went to the magical book. I looked up what oils I needed for a migraine, added vegetable oil as a carrier oil (you need a carrier oil and at the time I was not well prepared), and made a mixture to try. Then, I rubbed behind his ear, chest, and wrist and within ten minutes, he was sleeping like a baby.

I Was Sold

Fast forward to today and we are hooked! We use Doterra essential oils for all of our home needs and for supporting our health. One of the things I have learned is that not only do essential oils have an amazing aroma, but the healing properties are where it’s at. Sharing essential oils has been a passion of mine ever since I saw their powers. I personally use oils in my meditation and healing practice as well for skin care, pain, sleep, respiratory, ADD/ADHD, inflammation, hormones, anxiety, disinfectants, laundry, cleaning agents, and so many more. You name it, we use oils for it.

I feel that essential oils are a great way to help support your health. It’s a natural way to aid your body to bring itself to a healthy state. As a daily practice, I place a drop of frankincense under my tongue. It’s great for aiding cellular function, skin, brain cognition, immunity, infection, and more. No matter how you use oils (to experience their amazing aroma, apply them topically, or take them internally), I know you will fall in love like we have.

Some of My Favorite Oil Blends

Below are a handful of some of my favorite blends. There are so many combinations and uses, but these are always useful!

  • Sleep: lavender, frankincense, breathe
  • Focus: frankincense, lemon, peppermint (attention)
  • Calm: lavender, cedarwood, adaptive (fidgety) 

For a diffuser, use 1-2 drops of each. If applying topically, use 5 drops of each of the oil and fractionated coconut oil in a 10 ml glass roller bottle.

Please feel free to reach out with any of your oil questions or needs and I’d love to help you with your essential oil journey! XOXO, Sarah

Where to Find Oils

Be sure to visit Sarah this weekend (November 26) at our Shop Small Saturday event. She can teach you more about oils and answer questions you may have about blending. You can also buy a few pre-blended oils in our store on online at our boutique. We love oils and hope you will, too!

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