Youth Movement and Conditioning Class

Vessel now offers an incredible class for youth and we are so excited to share it with you! Youth Movement and Conditioning can be a game changer for your active and athletic children. Children are prone to injuries and sprains while playing sports and doing other activities. This class is designed to incorporate stretch and restorative movement to help prevent those injuries and build a stronger, more balanced body.

Class Description

The Youth Movement and Conditioning class at Vessel includes breath work, mobility, flexibility and strength training. These practices allow students to learn to calm their breath, safely stretch specific parts of their body, and fully relax their mind. Our instructor, Katie, will work with your child’s specific needs and personalize the class for each student.

The class will focus on different areas to provide skills that children can take out of the classroom and into the world. Breath work will help with nerves during performances as well as help keep breathing under control while building lung capacity. The mobility and flexibility of muscles and joints is very important for any and every part of life, especially sports. And, all movements build strength using mostly body weight.

Research on Present and Future Injuries in Youth

According to an article from USA Today, “Chronic or overuse injuries are common among young athletes. In fact, overuse injuries are responsible for nearly half of all sports injuries to middle and high school students. These injuries are caused by prolonged repetitive motion, improper technique or training, lack of correct equipment support, or structural abnormalities. Part of the problem stems from the fact that more young athletes are specializing in one sport and training year-round.”

It is recommended that athletes cross train to keep their bodies from overbuilding one area and causing imbalances in their bodies. Imbalances lead to overuse and compensation by parts of the body that is not meant to take the extra load. Cross training (and classes like movement and conditioning) can help athletes and active youth learn to keep their bodies healthy and thriving.

Benefits of Movement and Conditioning

Supplementing your daily life or athletic program with a movement and conditioning class can be beneficial because it:

  • Reduces muscle soreness and improves tissue recovery;
  • Improves breath efficiency for cardio performance;
  • Increases blood flow;
  • Improves joint range of motion;
  • Decreases overall effects of stress on the body;
  • Improves mobility and flexibility;
  • Improves balance and coordination;
  • Strengthens your heart and circulate oxygen to your tissues;
  • Increases lung capacity;
  • Improves sleep quality; and
  • Reduces your risk for short or long term injuries.

Try it Out

Youth Movement and Conditioning is currently offered Monday and Wednesdays at 4:30. Make sure to reserve your spot for next week’s class and give it a shot. We think you’ll love it!

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