Who Is Katie? Meet Our Newest Yoga Instructor

Have you met Katie? She’s our newest yoga instructor and she teaches a broad range of classes. Right now, she is teaching in the evenings and even has a class for youth! The wonderful thing about yoga is that everyone has their own styles, so it’s a great idea to try them all. In order to get to know Katie a little better, we decided to do an interview for you. Enjoy!

What classes do you teach?

Youth Conditioning and Yoga Nidra

What is your background?

I took my first “yoga” class at Planet Beach through HotWorx back in 2018. I then started to go to a few studios around Houston and fell in love. I started to read more about meditation and mindfulness. At the time I was an Early Childhood and PreK Special Education teacher. I began to implement breathwork, movement and calming strategies into my classroom. The results were life changing! I wanted to expand my knowledge on Yoga and I found a company called Breathe for Change that offered semi self paced and Live Zoom training for half the price and I could not pass it up! I became certified in 2021 and have been offering children, youth and adult classes since.

What is your favorite Asana pose?

I really enjoy Eagle, it’s the pose I connected with the most at HotWorx all those years ago. It tests your balance in more ways than one, since you have to also wrap your arms up and can’t use them to help balance you out. The twisting is fun and helps with resistance and detoxing of the muscle by squeezing them together.

What move do you hope to master this year?

I would like to grow in my meditation and mindfulness practices. I will try my best living a truly mindful and relaxed life. A physical move I would like to master would be a full handstand. I can do a headstand a few different ways but would like to be able to stand on my hands as well.

What do you hope your students take away from every session with you?

In my Youth Movement and Conditioning class I hope my students receive relief from sore muscles and prevent future injuries by taking care of themselves off the field or stage. Also, the breathwork will help with lung capacity from high intensity play and performance. In my Yoga Nidra class I hope my students leave class feeling relaxed and re-energized. In each visualization, I hope they build a connection to their subconscious and learn more about themselves.

What is your current workout routine?

I practice the physical asanas of yoga throughout my day to keep my body moving. I use my at home pilates machine about 3 times a week to help rehab my shoulders and build muscle. I practice meditation each morning and evening and throughout the day.

What is your inspiration?

My students! As a long time teacher in general I love to see the growth and “ah ha” moments my students are able to achieve.

Try Out a Class!

You can try out Katie’s classes by checking our schedule here. You won’t be disappointed!

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