The Before

Turning something broken, messy, damaged into something beautiful truly is extraordinary. Owning a studio is a dream that I never thought was possible this early in my career, but life has a very funny way of having it’s own timetable. This space, to me, is much more than just a place for people to come and sweat. It’s a safe haven for those who want to truly transform their bodies and lifestyle without judgement or negativity. A space they can feel at home and supported. Loved. Appreciated.

When I walk through these doors and see the aftermath of the flood, I see potential for rebirth. Taking something that negatively affected our community and turning it into something positive. Knowing that we are stronger together. My heart is filled with joy when I walk into this space and can only hope it will be the same for others. Excited to see progress and our vision unfold.

More behind the scenes can be viewed on our instagram page and through our lifestyle email list! Be sure to sign up on our website and follow along! Grand Opening will be announced soon!

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