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At Vessel Pilates, our mission is to cultivate a welcoming, non-judgmental and supportive space for women, helping them heal through the power of movement, nourishing food and self-care. 

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There isn’t much more pampering than a good skincare routine with good-for-your-skin products. At Vessel, we like to use products natural and free of harmful chemicals. So many of today’s products contain endocrine-disrupting additives that mess with your body’s natural processes. For some great information about where you can find hormone disruptors in everyday items, […]

February is the month of love. It’s all about loving one another and showing it outwardly. Something we want to celebrate here at Vessel this month is self-love. In addition to loving others, it’s critical to take some time to love yourself as well. Just like they tell you that in the event of an […]


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