Holiday Week Reminders

It’s that time between Christmas and New Years when you’ve been eating and celebrating like crazy. You are exhausted but also know that you have one more weekend to rally. It’s an exhausting yet exhilarating time, and we all feel it. To help you stay a little more on top of things, here are some ways to balance out the week.

Get As Much Sleep As Possible

Yes, we harp on this, but it’s because it’s so important! When you sleep, your body works extra hard to recover. When you don’t give it enough time (seven to nine hours per day), it’s working at a fraction of its capability. That’s why your immune system may be less than optimal this week, you may feel extra tired, and things may be a little off. The more sleep you allow yourself, the better your body can work to get back to its optimum.

Drink Water and Electrolytes Throughout the Day

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Especially if you’re imbibing this holiday season. Many people drink more alcohol during the month of December than they do the rest of the year. That means your liver has worked extra hard all month to clean out your system. And, when you drink alcohol, you’re dehydrating yourself. Give your liver a little boost by making sure to hydrate with water and electrolytes this week. We love LMNT electrolytes! They have all the good stuff and none of the bad.

Even if you’re not drinking this holiday season, you are likely eating a bit more than you usually do. The more you hydrate, the easier it is for your body to flush out toxins in general. This includes germs you may be exposed to at holiday parties, around family members, and more. Honestly, it can only help to stay hydrated this season!

Take a Walk

Last week was cold. Like, really cold. That means many of you probably stayed indoors more than usual. We’ve spoken before about the importance of daily movement and spending time outside. It can definitely help this week with stress relief, digestion, and allowing you to burn off some of those extra calories.

Eat Protein and Fiber

Chances are you have eaten a bit more sugar and starchy foods this week. As discussed in our post earlier this season, too much sugar (especially straight sugar) can cause imbalances and lead to some negative side effects. Ways to combat those side effects is by balancing it with protein and fiber. These help you feel full, digest your sugars slower, and assist in keeping you regular.

Try a Sauna

If you haven’t read our post about the benefits of saunas, you definitely need to check it out. From boosting your immune system to improving recovery, saunas can give you that extra boost. If you have access to a sauna (or want to reserve ours), this is a great time to give it a shot. Stress levels are high right now which means your immune system is working overtime. There is also a good chance you have extra toxins that you need to release. Added bonus: time in the sauna means a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle!

Don’t Put It Off

We get it. Schedules are crazy. Sleep is nonexistent. Emotions and stress levels are high. The holidays are exciting and colorful and oh, so exhausting. Too often, we push ourselves past our limit with the caveat that we will be better after New Years. While New Years is a great time to make some fresh resolutions, why not give yourself a boost during this time so you aren’t starting from as far down.

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