Boost Your Immune System This Fall

With the weather change this week, it’s a good time to start making sure you’re boosting that immune system! The fall and winter are prime sick seasons so don’t go unprepared. We’ve gathered a few tips for making sure your body is ready to fight off those nasty germs.

Stay Hydrated

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Hydration is key to just about anything. If you’re hydrated, your body is better equipped to flush out toxins and clean out your system. Make sure you’re drinking water throughout the day. Pick up one of our Vessel tumblers and carry it with you throughout the day so you never forget to drink. If you feel congestion coming on, make sure you drink even more water so your body can clear it out. Warm liquids are even better!

Get Enough Sleep

Our body uses sleep to fight off illness, but it also uses that time to build immunity. Have you ever noticed that after pulling a few late nights in a row, you all of a sudden come down with something? That’s because your body hasn’t had a chance to amp up your immune system. Did you know that your body creates infection-fighting molecules while you sleep? How cool is that? Maybe that’s why we feel more tired during the winter — when illness is more common. It’s our body’s way of telling us it needs time to work on that immune system. So, listen to it. Try going to bed a little early this season and see how you feel.

Try the Sauna

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This article gives some great information about how saunas can help you stay healthy (or shorten your illness). And, we created a post earlier this year to give more information about different types of saunas and how they can benefit you.

Saunas increase core body temperature creating a fever-type environment. Fevers are our body’s natural response to fight off illnesses. When we run a fever, our body creates an antiviral and antibacterial immune response. When you begin to get sick, or are exposed to certain germs, sauna use can help you get a jump on those germ-fighters! At Vessel, we have a gorgeous infrared sauna available to our members! This cold and flu season, do yourself a favor and schedule a slot.

Increase Your Vitamin C and Zinc

There is a reason Vitamin C and Zinc flew off the shelves at the peak of COVID. It’s because they help your immune system fight off illness. And, they work! When feel cold or flu come on, make sure you grab some extra vitamins and minerals to assist your body in its fight to stay healthy. The earlier you start them, the better they work.

In fact, taking them throughout the cold season can help you fight off germs even better than after getting infected. It’s not a bad idea to start Vitamin C and Zinc now and then increase it if you feel yourself coming down with something. Just beware that, in large doses, both can cause stomach pain and bloating. Neither will hurt you but they may cause some discomfort.

If you’re looking for an even stronger dose of vitamins and hydration, Vessel member Crystal can do an immunity IV infusion. You’ll get an entire bag of hydration and immune building goodies. Let us know if you need her contact information.

Stay Active — and Get Outside

When the temps start to drop, people tend to want to stay inside and bundle up. While rest is extremely important, too much of it can cause our immune system to falter.

If we want to keep our bodies ready to fight off those fall and winter germs, we need to ensure we’re moving it regularly. Moderate exercise is ideal for getting your immune system in top shape. Aim for thirty minutes per day, five days a week. That way, you’ll still have a couple rest days to sit inside and curl up.

Why does exercise help keep you healthy during cold and flu season? This article gives some insight about several different ways it can help including stimulating cell production, raising your core body temperature (like the sauna), and decreasing inflammation.

If you can get outside to exercise, that’s even better. Since the days are shorter, and the weather is colder, many people choose to stay inside. Unfortunately, this keeps us from getting enough Vitamin D (because we get Vitamin D from the sun). Vitamin D plays a huge role in our immune system, so when we don’t get enough, it’s harder for us to fight off illness.

When you can, and if you’re dressed appropriately, try to get outside each day. It’ll help your physical and mental health tremendously.

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