Benefits of Massage

Did you know that we have an in-house massage therapist at Vessel? Courtney with In-Knead is spectacular are super knowledgeable. She also gives a stellar massage! Massage isn’t just about feeling relaxed (although that’s an aspect), it also has tons of other benefits. We’d love to introduce you to In Knead and tell you a little more about some of the benefits you’ll receive when booking with Courtney. 🙂

What Is In Knead?

In Knead Massage Therapy is owned & operated by Courtney Quinn, LMT. With 13 years of experience and continuing education. It provides quality, professional & unique experiences for each client. And, it’s located in-house at Vessel!

Courtney provides custom services to personalize your session including: hot stone massage, sports therapy, maternity massage, cupping treatment, trigger point therapy, body scrubs, and more! No matter ailment or need, Courtney has something to help.

Who Is Courtney?

Courtney is a Kingwood native who loves running, reading, yoga, and spending time with her sweet little boy. She also enjoys anything outdoors and a good beer or margarita ;). Since Courtney has always been involved with sports and has a strong interest in anatomy and movement, she was drawn to massage therapy. When asked why she loves it, she answered with, “I want to help people realize that you can live pain free with massage therapy.”

Benefits of Massage

Massage can help you in so many ways ranging from pain relief to increasing blood flow and is beneficial for all ages. Here are just some of the benefits you can receive from massage:

  • Relieve muscle stress & tension;
  • Improve joint mobility;
  • Ease depression and anxiety;
  • Increase lymphatic flow;
  • Enhance the immune system;
  • Lower blood pressure;
  • Promote sleep quality;
  • Preparation and recovery for athletes;
  • Reduce medication dependency;
  • Minimize swelling and bloat; and
  • much more!

Whether you’re looking to relieve stress from daily life or you’re training for an Ironman, massage can add so much to your daily life. It can help you stay healthy and assist with pain relief. If you’re looking to enhance your whole body wellness, you should definitely add massage to your routine.

Vessel Member Discount

If you’re a Vessel member, you’re in luck! Each month, you get 10% off a massage with In Knead. Make sure to mention it when you schedule.

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