A sacred space intended to help you slow down, get present and feel better in your body. At Vessel, your health is our top priority. 

* We will sanitize all high traffic areas before and after each class and private sessions. Including but not limited to door knobs, bathroom fixtures, props, equipment, mats and any surfaces touched or used during classes and sessions.

* We will use antibacterial, antiviral hospital grade FDA approved cleaning and sanitizing solutions that are safe for our equipment on all equipment and props after each use. Please spray the towel with the cleaning solution, wipe down each piece of equipment/prop used with several swipes.

* We will use antibacterial, antiviral hospital grade spray and wipes on all safe surfaces between each class and private session.


reopening policies


* Teachers and front desk will check you in for classes upon your arrival.

* All transactions will be touchless and done online in our branded app, verbal if in person, or via email with email credit card authorizations.

* We will continue to offer livestream options every day for those who want to continue to move in the comfort of their own homes.

* Our members can continue to enjoy our livestream library which provides the opportunity to view past classes on-demand. 

* Classes are spaced apart to allow time for coming and going while practicing social distancing as well as ample time to clean between classes.

* Our team will wear a bandana or mask to cover their nose and mouths whenever needed during classes.

* We will not be providing tactile feedback in classes at this time. 

* We will stay home if we are sick (see the client guidelines for what that means), and if we have been in contact with anyone who tested positive. 

* We will all wash our hands upon arrival and between sessions and classes, and upon leaving the studio.

additional steps our team is taking

* All clients will be asked to sign a new waiver before arriving for your first class or session. We will be using a software partner called Wufoo to achieve this touch-free.   
* Upon entering the studio, please remove your shoes and place them by the front door or carry them with you upstairs to set beside your Reformer.

* Masks and/or gloves are encouraged in accordance with Governmental guidelines upon entering and exiting the studio. 

* Please wash your hands or use our sanitizer located at the front door or desk before going to class.

* All clients should practice social distancing inside the studio - especially near the bathrooms and when coming and going.

* Please head to your spot with your belongings.

* Please bring water from home to avoid using the water dispenser where possible. Cups will not be available at this time. 

* Please self screen before arriving (these are the same protocols for our team)
   - Cough
   - GI Upset or Diarrhea
   - Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
   - Chills
   - Repeated shaking with chills
   - Muscle pain
   - Headache
   - Sore throat
   - Loss of taste or smell
   - Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit
   - Known close contact with a person who is sick or tested positive for COVID-19


Have further questions? Please feel free to contact us!

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